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In order to facilitate your work, make you more competitive in the lighting sector and why not, the best, we present our catalog of LED supplies. All our products fulfill the five premises that guarantee us: 


By working with us you can make better budgets in your facilities, as you will have a greater profit margin and numerous advantages. Offer products with warranty and quality to your customers, in addition to minimizing your electricity consumption saving with LED technology.



GenianLED offers as a wholesaler and without intermediaries to Professionals and Distributors that have an activity related to the sector of Lighting, Hardware, Electrical installations, Reforms or Decoration. If you belong to one of these areas you can register with us to start enjoying these advantages in your client account:t 

  •          You will get great discounts on our PVP for all products from our warehouse.
  •          You can offer quality products and guarantee to your customers.
  •          The process of your Orders will be dealt personally and you will have your Tracking number.
  •          They will increase your profits without any effort on your part.
  •          It will stand out on its competition offering LED technology at the best price.
  •          Your orders will be shipped wherever you wish in just 24 hours.
  •          Fast and efficient after-sales service.
  •          Secure payments via internet or if you wish to pay Cash on delivery.
  •          Free shipping exclusive to professionals whose orders exceed 150 € (without VAT) *.



  •         Sign up for the registration form by clicking here.
  •          When you have already registered in our online store, send an e-mail to  with the same mail that was registered, enclosing the document cta 036 or 037 in which your activity appears.
  •          Once the data is verified, we will approve your request and we will assign the professional rates automatically.
  •          From this moment, when you enter our website with your mail and password, you will see the prices with the discount already applied.

If you belong to another sector, are already registered or need to expand information about any doubt, please contact the mail

*To obtain the free shipping cost for Spain Peninsula the amount of the order must exceed 150 € without VAT.

Meanwell Brand
ElTorrent Brand
Skylighting Brand
Beneito Brand
Acson Brand
 Meanwell Brand
 ElTorrent Brand
 Skylighting Brand

Beneito Brand
 Acson Brand